Q&A: Environment

Actifsource code generator for any programming language

Do have Actifsource a proprietary meta-model or is there any standard?

Actifsource has a proprietary meta-model in order to offer its powerful features.

Nevertheless, Actifsource supports importing/exporting ECore models, which allows you to import diagrams from your favorite UML tool.

For further information, please read the following articles in our Blog:

We have a large amount of domain objects! Is there any refactoring facility when changing the meta-model?

Yes! Actifsource allows you to export your meta-model as Java™ classes. Based on these classes, you can program the most complex refactorings using Java™ code.

Furthermore, you can provide your refactoring as Eclipse™ Plugins to your team. Anybody can execute your refactoring on existing domain-objects when the time is right.

We have very complex models! Is it possible to split models in several different Projects?

Yes! Actifsource allows you to structure your models along Packages and Projects as needed.

Make sure to set the Project Dependencies.
  • Project/Properties/actifsource/Project Dependencies