Q&A: Eclipse™ and other IDEs

Actifsource code generator for any programming language

I'm not using Eclipse™! May I use Actifsource anyway?

Yes! Actifsource just writes code to a target folder. Modern IDEs (i.e. Microsoft™ VisualStudio™) track file changes and reload them automatically.

If you are using another IDE than Eclipse™, you do have to install an run Eclipse™ with Actifsource in parallel. But this works fine.

In our project, we use an unusual porgramming language? Can Actifsource generate this code?

Yes! The Actifsource Template Editor is in fact a text editor. Therefore you may write any code as you do in your favorite text editor.

The Actifsource Template Editor allows you to reference your meta-model. Doing so enables you to write generic code. But always in your target language.

Using the Actifsource Template Editor you are also able to define syntax highlighting for any programing language.
Please consult the Language Syntax Style tutorial.