Actifsource code generator for any programming language



[2021/Q2] DerivedProperty

[2021/Q1] Enhanced Selector Syntax

[2020/Q4] Diff/Merge for Actifsource Templates

  • Diff/Merge-Support for Templates

[2018/Q3] Actifsource Tabular Resource Editor

  • Support of a new Tabular Resource Editor

[2018/Q2] CIP Super State

  • CIP shall support super states 

[2017/Q2] Eclipse Neon Support

  • Support of Eclipse Neon

[2016/Q3] Actifsource Performance Improvement

  • Code Generator Performance Improvement
  • Multi-Threaded Code Generator

[2016/Q1] Separate files on file system for aggregates

Actifsource distinguishes between aggregates and compositions (like in UML).

  • Aggregated resources shall lead to a separate .asr file on the file system
  • The lifetime of the .asr files for aggregated resources is managed automatically
  • Diff/Merge will work with much better performance on separated models

[2014/Q2] Code Snippets

  • Code Snippets are parsed Text Attributes
  • Selectable Language as C, StructuredText, etc.
  • Transformation of CodeSnippets into a volatile Model
  • Transformation of the Model via Templates in any other programming language like C, ST, VHDL

[2014/Q2] Referencable CIP Processes

  • CIP Processes can be managed in a process library
  • CIP Processes from the process libraries may be reused in clusters

[2014/Q1] Diff/Merge for Domain Diagrams

  • Graphical Diff/Merge for Domain Diagrams
  • 2-Step Diff
    • Diff for newly inserted or deleted resources
    • Diff for moved resources

[2013/Q4] New Relation Concept

  • UML-like relation like reference, aggregation, composition
    • use-Releation becomes reference
    • own-relation becomes aggregation or composition
  • Aggregations are  building aggregates like stated in Eric Evans Domain Driven Design
  • Eclipse Project Navigator only shows aggregations in tree 
  • Resource navigation (breadcrump) is done by aggregates

[2013/Q3] Actifsource CIP/Animation

  • Animation of any user defined models (especially the CIP Statemachine)
  • Animated via web browser as svg graphics
  • We are still looking for development partners

[2013/Q3] Actifsource/CIP C++ Generator

  • C++ generator for Actifsource/CIP 
  • Analysis of generator options has already been done

[2013/Q1] Actifsource/CIP Documentation

  • Generating Actifsource/CIP documentation in xhtml/pdf format
  • Including Pulse Cast Trees for synchronous pulse analyses

[2012/Q4] Cease Java 6 Support by the End of Year

  • We are switching to Java 7 by the end of year
  • Java 6 support is no longer granted

[2012/Q4] Actifsource Arduino Integration

  • Generating CIP Code for die Arduino board
  • Tutorial which shows how to setup the environment

[2012/Q4] Simple CIP Animation and Unit Tests (text-based)

  • Simple text-based CIP state engine animation/simulation
  • text-based unit tests for the CIP state engine
    • Event stimulus and action expectations
    • Generated test documents (use cases)
  • See Actifsource V5.6.4