#6734 [Story/Core] Extend selector with new operations

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Release: Actifsource V10.12.0

It shall be possible to define selectors without writing a Java implementation. To make this possible there are know a lot new operators which can be used in the selector. Just used Content Assist (Ctrl+Space) to get a selection of possible keywords.

Actually we do support the following keywords in the selector:

6734 1 NewSelectorOperations

Example Design:

6734 2 SelectorModel

IncludeFilter: The result of the following selector are all A's which do have at least one C reachable via A.b.c

6734 3 IncludeFilter

RegexFilter: The name property must match the regex:

6734 4 RegexFilter

Sort: All B's sorted by name and than reversed:

6734 5 Sort

Equals: All C with a name equals "C1":

6734 6 Const

Constants can be used as follows:

  • StringLiteral -> "Test"
  • IntegerLiteral -> 12
  • DoubleLiteral -> 12.55 or 12f
  • LongLiteral -> 12l