UML Statediagram

Actifsource code generator for any programming language



Supported Plattforms

  • C
  • ST (IEC 61131)

In a nutshell

  • UML state engine
  • Supports sub states and history states
  • Code generator for ST (IEC 61131), C, C++ and Java (ask us for any other language)


UML.StateDiagram is your choice of modeling editor for creating and maintaining UML-based state machine models. Take advantage of a powerful yet easy to use graphical editor that supports all elements of UML state models, including sub states, state history, and conditions.

Benefit from tight integration with DEC Tool and leverage the power of micro-processor agnostic state machine modeling. Generate all necessary real-time enabled C code with the click of a button.

UML.StateDiagram and DEC Tool are your one-stop solution for embedded real-time systems for any micro-processor or hardware platform. State of the art state machine modeling using UML has never been easier and more powerful.


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