Actifsource code generator for any programming language

UML statemachine and controller architecture for Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

UML statemachine and controller architecture for Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Supported Plattforms

  • ST (IEC 61131)
  • B&R PCD / Automation Studio 
  • Siemens PCD
  • ask us for any other PLC or environment

In a nutshell

  • Complete PLC development suite
  • Hierarchical controller architecture
  • UML state engine
  • Code generator for ST (IEC 61131)


How it works


Using PCD Framework removes most of the tedious and error prone programming work on any SPS System you might work with.

With the click of a button you generate complete product documentation and code conforming to IEC 61131. This helps you save time significantly when changes or enhancements are required.

Object Oriented Structuring

Clear functional separation and definition of well-defined interfaces leads to a system of highly configurable and maintainable components that foster re-use.

UML State Machine

State machines are at the heart of every application, the notation we use a viable means of communication for software engineers and non -software people as well, far better than having to rely on code-fragments or pseudo-code.

Code Generation with Seamless IDE-Integration

PCD generates well-structured code for further use by developers in their favorite IDE. With PCD you get a fully automated programmer companion that writes high-quality code for you, whenever you need it.


Setting default values can be done in different ways: Either by initializing the necessary values using generated setup-code or more dynamically via config-files at runtime.

Alert Handling

Configure your desired alert handling as you see fit. Use automatically generated alert arrays in conjunction with text lists or more sophisticated alert handlers including history information and statistical data.


Recording data, logging events, and processing information is just a matter of easy and straightforward configuration.


Configure monitoring as you see fit: Monitor any variable, either dynamically or by using static min and max values.

Interlock Handling

Configure your system to prevent disallowed settings, whether in automatic or hand-mode.

Better than hand-made

One important goal we had in mind from the beginning: generated source code should exhibit all the positive features of hand-written code and more: By applying a series of rules the resulting code is not only better structured but also documented more thoroughly and systematically. All this, by the click of a button.

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