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I/O connection, event detection, and process scheduling for embedded systems

I/O connection, event detection, and process scheduling for embedded systems

Supported Plattforms

In a nutshell

  • I/O setup and connectivity for embedded systems
  • Real-time scheduling for signal sampling and processing
  • Creates events for state engine from I/O (See CIP ToolUML Statediagram)
  • Code generator for C, C++ and Java (ask us for any other language)


DEC Tool allows you to define all relevant properties of any micro-processor and use the resulting model to generate all necessary adapter-code to bind your state machines to the underlying hardware. This gives you unprecedented power with maximal flexibility and ease of use.

Adapting your state machines to new or changed hardware has never been easier.

DEC Tool provides all of the following to create a complete and accurate model of any processor:
  • Digital I/O
  • Analogue I/O with support for thresholds
  • Memory
  • Communication, i.e. Ethernet, CAN, USB, etc.
  • Watchdogs 
  • Timers
You model your state machines either using CIP or UML.StateMachine, and DEC Tool generates the necessary C or C++ Code to bind these state machines to the underlying hardware. You can change your hardware or state machine at any time, and DEC Tool will create the necessary bindings for you. The resulting code is independent of any operating system and allows you to access any hardware directly. DEC Tool handles all scheduling tasks for you also, i.e. reading inputs, writing outputs and triggering your state machines.

This makes DEC Tool your one-stop solution for embedded real-time systems for any micro-processor or hardware platform. Developing and maintaining your state machines for various target platforms and micro-processors have never been easier.


  • DEC EmbeddedTypeDiagram
  • DEC UnitTypeDiagram

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