#6758 [Story/Core] Support derivedProperty (DerivedRelation and DerivedAttribute)

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It should be possible to define DerivedProperty (DerivedRelation and DerivedAttribute).
The DerivedProperty is a relation calculated at runtime, which cannot be edited via the editor.

6758 1 DerivedRelation1

6758 2 DerivedRelation2

However, it can be used in the same way as a self-defined relation.
E.g. in the templates:

6758 3 DerivedRelation3

The performance of the runtime calculation is set via the properties.

6758 4 preferences

Of course it is also possible (DerivedAttribute) to select a TemplateFunction via the DerivedAttributeAspect.

6758 5 DerivedRelation4

Of course, the derived properties are also supported by Ant generation.

There is an example project on GitHub: