Whitepaper: Actifsource code generator for Eclipse

Actifsource code generator for any programming language
Actifsource Whitepaper
Whitepaper Actifsource Code Generator for Eclipse
Language English
  • code generator
  • model-driven design
  • domain-driven design
  • evolving architecture
  • Evolve your architecture in lock-step with the ever changing market-needs: 
    • Use typed domain-models to build evolving software. 
    • Provide your developers with an unprecedented level of framework integration. 
  • In order to successfully use model-driven approaches, you need to be able to cope with change efficiently and effectively: 
    • Redesign and refactor to evolve your software iteratively and incrementally.
    • Adapt and evolve your software as need be and turn it into a true asset with Actifsource.

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Actifsource V11.5.0 4/26/24

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Actifsource V11.4.0 11/23/23

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