#6849 [Story/ResEd] Search for patterns in all actifsource wizards using '*' (any string) and '?' (any character)

Actifsource code generator for any programming language
Release: Actifsource V11.3.0

It should be possible to search for patterns in all actifsource wizards.
The characters '*' (any string) and '?' (any character) '<' (end of text) are available:

Filter all texts which contain the string 'Class' ('*' include empty string):

6849 1 PatternWizard1

Ends with string 'Class':

6849 2 PatternWizard3

6849 3 PatternWizard2

Any character '?':

6849 4 PatternWizard4


6849 5 PatternWizard5