Actifsource V6.1.0

Actifsource code generator for any programming language

Known Issues

Support for Eclipse 3.x

  • Starting with the release of Eclipse Luna 4.4 (June 25, 2014), we will drop the support for eclipse 3.x

Actifsource User Manual

Please check out the new Actifsource User Manual. Make sure to know all features to get the most out of Actifsource.
Actifsource User Manual

Compatiblity Issues

  • the AbstractDataClassImpl-Template has been removed actifsource.



  • allow defining the JavaFunction inline inside the model instead of storing it inside the java-fuile using a protected region. Note: there is no support for content assist proposals, use this only if there is no way to store the generated java files.
  • as for now actifsource uses the same template for generating abstract and non-abstract classes, avoiding an generation error when switch a class from abstract to final and vice-versa.


  • distribute revalidation of different projects better between validation threads
  • revalidate resources of same project parallel even if there are only few resources to gain more performance on complex validation rules


  • allow structured types to be used in CodeSnippets
  • support generating constants and string literals for ST
  • support generating VHDL from CMinus-CodeSnippets


  • Cip-Lib Support for Animations (CIRO), improved tooltips
  • CIP TestSuite: Event and Action in wrong order

Bug Fixes


  • unexpected scope creation during transaction - in rare cases during startup, may have caused NotInsideTranscation
  • NotifyDependencyChange without invalidate NotifyDependencyInvalid, may have caused NotInsideTranscation
  • UseRangeRestrictions of SuperRelation not validated on SubRelation when using a SelectorBased-AspectImplementation in the super class
  • SelectorRootBySelectorRelationAspectImpl doesn't work on subclasses
  • Assertion: DummyResourceScope Unknown when trying to Selection a resource in Compare With Local History Dialog
  • Malformed query in rare cases when using Template & Selector-Model while doing parallel modifications by different threads


  • markers not updated after applying changes
  • connection line between left and right marker not synchronized correctly
  • connection marker position not updated correctly on scrolling


  • Double remove of listener detected in some CIP views
  • SWTException - Widget is disposed - when applying settings and close GateAssociationTable and other tableview window before save has been finished
  • IllegalStateException: no function owner defined for function - when closing a CIP-Project while PulseTranslationEditor is open
  • NullPointerException when on equals-Buttin in PulseTranslationEditor


  • Session already disposed - when closing project while Template/TemplateFunction is open

Recommended System Requirements

We recommend the following system requirements.

Java SE 7
Eclipse 4.3.2
OS Win 7, gtk Linux
OS Architecture 64 Bit
Processor 64 Bit
Disk SSD

Configuration (eclipse.ini)

We recommend the following settings in the eclipse.ini file.

Minimum Memory Size -Xms800m
Maximum Memory Size -Xmx4000m
Maximum Perm Size -XX:MaxPermSize=256m
Virtual Machine -vm C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin

Used Open Source Libraries

We have used the following open source libraries in our products. Many thanks to all the developers for providing their great work to the community.

ant-contrib-1.0b3.jar Apache
antlr-2.7.6.jar BSD
antlr-3.1.1-runtime.jar BSD
bcprov-jdk16-145.jar MIT
commons-collections-3.2.1.jar Apache
Eclispse 4.3.x EPL
jdom.jar Apache
jsr305.jar BSD
jug.jar LGPL v2.1
logging-1.0.3.jar Apache
objenesis-1.0.jar Apache
xerceslmpl.jar Apache

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