Actifsource V5.14.0

Actifsource code generator for any programming language

Known Issues

Support for Eclipse 3.x

  • Starting with the release of Eclipse Luna 4.4 (June 25, 2014), we will drop the support for eclipse 3.x

Actifsource User Manual

Please check out the new Actifsource User Manual. Make sure to know all features to get the most out of Actifsource.
Actifsource User Manual

Compatiblity Issues

  • Implementors of ISession and Eventlistener handle NotifySaveRequest may need to handle NotifySaveSucceeded/NotifySaveFailed instead
  • Implementors should not hold workspace lock while calling since it might block until save is finished
  • Always use the non-blocking whenever possible to explicitly handle finished save requests asynchronous
  • Use Keppler 4.3.2 or 3.8.2 to avoid problems with the ESC-Key when using ContentAssist in Template/TextEditors
  • Removed Keybinding SHIFT+F3, use ALT+F3 (CTRL+ALT+CLICK for mouse). The keybinding has been removed for consistency because CTRL+SHIFT+CLICK never existed as mouse interaction (reason: shift conflicts with selectionbased interactions).



  • Improved File Save Handling & Event Notification


  • Support export diagrams as png/jpg including an export buildtask for automation
  • Support Copy & Paste inside Textfields
  • Support for External Relations in DomainDiagram


  • Set title for compared content (theirs and mine) in synchronize view
  • Set Initial Focus on NewRelationWizard to Name
  • Renamed Open link in "CodeEditor" to better matching name "DefaultEditor"

Bug Fixes


  • Wrong selector evaluation when cached during modification and reused later
  • Fixed NotInsideTransaction race condition at start


  • Empty line not updated (removed/added) when changing subject cardinality


  • Copy/Paste from TemplateFunction to Template fails with an assertion inside LineNumberRuler
  • Assertion on Undo/Redo after creating a SuperContext/LineContext/ColumnContext
  • Exception when deleting TemplateFunction while editor is open
  • Inconsistent Model Assertion on various undo/redo/external update events
  • Assertion on Undo/Redo when updating selection
  • Language on newly focused FileContext after closing the active FileContext-Tab


  • Gracefully handle duplicate resource (same GUID) by removing them from the correct package


  • Newly created resources sometimes not shown correctly or opened in text editor
  • Sort property fails to handle resource with same name


  • Fixed force generate to include NestedBuildConfigTasks
  • Fixed Classloading Issue when using Xpand-Function located in different projects that aren't reachable through the classpath of the output project


  • Exception assignment of Operation Message
  • SVG not always regenerated when on diagram changes
  • Unhandled event loop exception in rare cases when drawing transition
  • Alphabetic column sorting in CIP System View


  • IndexOutOfBounds in reorder-Method when having multiple shapes for the same resource
  • Visualization of Abstract-Modifier not shown correctly when adding existing classes to ClassDiagram-Editor
  • AssertionFailure when error state of editor icon is updated
  • Support ReadOnly Mode Diagrams
  • Error Markers remain after Undo

Recommended System Requirements

We recommend the following system requirements.

Java SE 7
Eclipse 4.3.2
OS Win 7, gtk Linux
OS Architecture 64 Bit
Processor 64 Bit
Disk SSD

Configuration (eclipse.ini)

We recommend the following settings in the eclipse.ini file.

Minimum Memory Size -Xms800m
Maximum Memory Size -Xmx4000m
Maximum Perm Size -XX:MaxPermSize=256m
Virtual Machine -vm C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin

Used Open Source Libraries

We have used the following open source libraries in our products. Many thanks to all the developers for providing their great work to the community.

ant-contrib-1.0b3.jar Apache
antlr-2.7.6.jar BSD
antlr-3.1.1-runtime.jar BSD
bcprov-jdk16-145.jar MIT
commons-collections-3.2.1.jar Apache
Eclispse 4.3.x EPL
jdom.jar Apache
jsr305.jar BSD
jug.jar LGPL v2.1
logging-1.0.3.jar Apache
objenesis-1.0.jar Apache
xerceslmpl.jar Apache

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