Actifsource V5.4.0

Actifsource code generator for any programming language



  • Performance Improvement on SelectorEvaluation (faster NameQueries/EditorUpdates due to faster evaluation of selectorbased DecorationAspects, faster generator)
  • NameAspect via TextSelector
  • Improved SelectorEvaluation (API-Change: ISelectorRelationAspect, +createCodeEvaluator, +isTextSelector, added SingleRootSelectorRelationAspect-BaseClass for EndUsers)
  • Multi-Root Selector Support (API-Change: ISelectorRelationAspect.getRootType() to ISelectorRelationAspect.getRootTypes())
  • TextSelectorSupport for SelectorRelations
  • Model.instances.CLASSNAME - Possibility to query allInstance of a Class in normal Selectors (add SelectorPackage.ModelSingleton to RootTypes-List in SelectorRootAspect)
  • Model.resource.ResourceWithNameAspect - Possibility to query specific resources from a model in Selector. Fixed Type access.
  • Added ability to restrict the TargetRange of the SelectorRelation, Simplified creation of SelectorRelation by InitializationAspect
  • Simplified SelectorEvaluation-Support

Resource Editor

  • no more need for defining ObjectControlBuilderAspects for new SelectorRelations
  • allow ObjectControlBuilderAspects to be defined based on Relation-RangeType (may be overwritten by a relation-specific aspect)
  • Placement not working if relation was defined in a super class

Domain Diagram Editor

  • Allowed drawing of connection for relations that are invalid due to missing information, which are unknown to the editor
  (exp. DecoratingRelation with special RangeRestrictions)


  • NewProjectWizard no longer ignores LocationURL
  • Hide Template/Selector-Structure in Navigator


  • Performance Improvement due to faster SelectorEvaluation
  • Ignore other TeamProvider-Files/Folders belonging to Source Control inside Eclipse (not only .SVN, but also .RXXX files)
  • Fixed Endless Generation Loop due to reordering of no longer needed ProtectedRegions at EOF


  • Improved CIP Generator to match original CIP Output
  • CIP XML-Import Support

Recommended System Requirements

We recommend the following system requirements.

Java SE 6
Eclipse 3.7.1
OS Win 7, gtk Linux
OS Architecture 64 Bit
Processor 64 Bit
Disk SSD

Used Open Source Libraries

We have used the following open source libraries in our products. Many thanks to all the developers for providing their great work to the community.

actifsource Core 5.x EPL
ant-contrib-1.0b3.jar Apache
antlr-2.7.6.jar BSD
antlr-3.1.1-runtime.jar BSD
bcprov-jdk16-145.jar MIT
commons-collections-3.2.1.jar Apache
Eclispse 3.7.x EPL
jdom.jar Apache
jsr305.jar BSD
jug.jar LGPL v2.1
logging-1.0.3.jar Apache
objenesis-1.0.jar Apache
xerceslmpl.jar Apache

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