Actifsource V5.1.0

Actifsource code generator for any programming language


Community Release

  • ObjectPlacement for UseRelations
    • define where new resource created in the context of a UseRelation are placed (Smart ContentAssist-NewProposal)
    • automatically derived from selector based rangeRestriction
  • NewResourceWizard-Support for Aggregated Resources and Decorators
  • Replaced ResourceNavigator by ProjectExplorer
    • one navigator for everything, no more switching between PackageExplorer & ResourceNavigator
    • group aggregation by ownRelation
    • improved drag & drop/copy & paste support
  • Dedicated ResourceEditor View
    • browse into the resource by using the breadcrumb control
    • focus on the part of the resource you are working on
  • InitializationAspect after CreatingOwnStatement
    • allow owner dependent initialization

Enterprise Release

  • Diagram Types for customizing the appearance and behaviour of resource in DomainDiagrams
    • restrict the view to set of allowed resources and connections
    • customize the shapes & tooltips of resource
    • show indirect releation with a customized connection-shape
    • mouseover connection path highlighting
    • define doubleclick action
  • Marking a resource as the root of the diagram


  • IRangeRestrictionAspect exchanged by IUseRangeRestrictionAspect and IOwnRangeRestrictionAspect


  • Statement already exists on merge
  • Resource already exists when comparing with an old revision on repository
  • Template editor selection update fixes
  • Handle singleton boolean literal list the same way as all lists (consistent behaviour)
  • Export class diagram exception after closing wizard
  • Move shape in diagram performance improvement
  • Resourcee ditor error marker placement

Recommended System Requirements

We recommend the following system requirements.

Java SE 6
Eclipse 3.7.1
OS Win 7, gtk Linux
OS Architecture 64 Bit
Processor 64 Bit
Disk SSD

Used Open Source Libraries

We have used the following open source libraries in our products. Many thanks to all the developers for providing their great work to the community.

actifsource Core 5.x EPL
ant-contrib-1.0b3.jar Apache
antlr-2.7.6.jar BSD
antlr-3.1.1-runtime.jar BSD
bcprov-jdk16-145.jar MIT
commons-collections-3.2.1.jar Apache
Eclispse 3.7.x EPL
jdom.jar Apache
jsr305.jar BSD
jug.jar LGPL v2.1
logging-1.0.3.jar Apache
objenesis-1.0.jar Apache
xerceslmpl.jar Apache

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